Housing Options for the Young Professional

Who are the young professionals? They are in their early 20s to 30s. They are typically employed in white-collar professions. They might be young and fresh-faced, but their efforts to climb the corporate ladder are anything but naive. Their lifestyle is a go big or go home situation with their hectic work schedules and active late-night social life. Their lifestyles are characterised by searching for convenience whenever possible, to stay efficient. Their housing choices reflect that desire.

They generally live somewhere which ranges from whatever is closest to work or whatever is cheapest. To find a cheap deal that is within walking distance to company headquarters is a steal. If you feel like these descriptors match you, there are other options!

Apartments in the city

Apartments with or without roommates are the middle ground. It is generally affordable. They have essential amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. In university areas, there is a quick turnover with renters since most tend to be students. You can easily find a place that can take you in with no problem.

In parts of the central city, where there is a lot of activity, good apartments are hard to come by since people stay as long as it can accommodate their lifestyle. Finding a great apartment is competitive among young professionals since it is a popular choice.  You may have to deal with roommates that you would never have stayed within less competitive situations. So, while popular, it does have its pitfalls.

Rooms for rent

Renting a room is similar, but not necessarily the same set up as renting an apartment with roommates. People offer to rent a room to those who are either hard pressed for a place to stay, looking for an excellent (probably pricey) location, or with no need to stay at home often. People who rent rooms out are commonly parents with children who have already moved out or people who are struggling financially. In any case, it is made out to be a win-win situation.

The downside of renting a room is that you have limited use of utilities. You will be living with another family, and setups change according to how comfortable they are with you in their main space. It isn’t a perfect arrangement, but one for those who are always on the go.

House in the suburbs

Purchasing a house is also possible. Often, young professionals have competitive salaries despite being relatively new additions to their companies. It could be enough to take out a loan for a house in the suburbs, like Maydenhayes in Mornington, Meath; the location of which presents excellent options for de-stressing.

A new house may not seem like the best choice for most young professionals since it goes against being close to work or being cheap. However, it is in line with being success-oriented and making early investments. A house will pay for itself down the line either by letting it out to rent or when settling down.

There are many other housing options. The best will come down to whether it fits your lifestyle or not.

Image: Pixabay.com

Haden Armstrong