Buying a Home in Moraira? Here are Three Top Tips

The thought of buying your own villa in Moraira is exciting, but the process could be challenging too because you are buying in a foreign country. Getting a villa, apartment or finca in this beautiful part of Spain is an important decision for it is a major purchase. Your goal is to buy a property that matches your needs and budget. Whether you are looking to get a property as your holiday home, primary residence or a home to be rented out for business, you need to get things right. To help you with this, here are helpful tips.

Work with a good agent

Working with a credible agent offers many benefits. Your agent can match you with the best property faster. While you can do your own research, your agent has the experience to determine whether a home is overpriced or not. They will not let you waste time touring a house that won’t work. They may also identify trouble you might not see such as repair issues. Agents can help you in many ways, so make sure to choose a good one.

Check critical points

If you are buying a property on the coastline, check its history of ownership, if there are existing mortgages, the electric and water contracts and if the property has been vacant for a while, because you might need a certificate of conformity for certain facilities. Take time to understand how the house was built just to check if construction was carried out correctly. If it’s a new build property, it should be registered as a completed house in the land registry.

Find a good lawyer for all the legal steps

After finding the property you want to purchase, you should pay a reservation deposit and get a lawyer to do the search so that you won’t have to pay any charge against the property. Find a good lawyer to help you with all the legal steps necessary for your property purchase. He must be reliable and English speaking unless you are fluent in Spanish. He will prepare the purchase contract that details everything that has been agreed by the two parties.

Resolve your doubts before signing any contract

Be clear with your agent or lawyer if you have any doubts. Make sure all details will be stated in the contract.

Remember three important things when buying a property in Moraira. These are price, position, and perfection. Make sure you can afford it, it has a good location that suits your needs and it is the perfect type of home for your taste. Compare different properties to make the best choice and deal with reliable professionals. Do not forget to include all expenses associated with the purchase aside from the cost of the property. To make things simple, you can also work with property specialists in Moraira, such as the dependable professionals at


Haden Armstrong