Post Frame Buildings Are Better Than the Conventional Constructions

When you sit down to plan the construction of your building, one thought invariably crosses your mind. Which is the best mode of construction among the post frame buildings, stick-framed constructions, and steel-framed ones?

Studies show that the steel-framed buildings are the strongest of the three whereas the pole buildings are the least inexpensive. You can construct a pole barn in quick time, much quicker than the other two modes of construction.

Let us see how the post frame buildings are superior to the stick-frame constructions.

Savings in Cost – The pole buildings use wooden logs for providing lateral and vertical bearing strength. Usually, you bury the poles 4 to 6 feet deep so that it provides support to the structure built over it. In the normal course of construction, the foundation costs are usually more than 15% of the total cost of a single-story construction. It is because you use a lot of concrete in the regular construction activity. It is not the case with a post frame building. All you need is to dig holes deep into the ground for placing the logs. Occasionally, you might require a floating slab for additional stability when you construct an industrial workshop or commercial warehouse. Therefore, you save in costs when you use post frames instead of steel frames.

Truss Spacing – Stick-framed constructions cannot have large spacing because it can weaken the structure. It is not the case with the post frames. You can have a larger spacing with post frames. The space between two poles can even extend to 8 feet or more depending on the load bearing construction. The post framed buildings can support heavy snowfall and 3-second wind gust conditions. In addition to providing stability to the structure, this arrangement saves a lot of money.

Site Adaptability – The most significant advantage of the post framed buildings is that you can construct them on uneven ground surfaces. These structures are perfect to construct on sloping mountains as well as uneven farmlands. There is no need to level the land before construction. You can have the natural slope and contours. It is easy to adjust the supporting poles accordingly. Leveling the ground can cost you a lot. Since post frames do not need a level ground surface, you end up minimizing the expenses.

Flexibility in framing – The post frames provide you with a lot of flexibility. You can choose to leave out large areas for ventilation or even close out the walls depending on your choice. The advantage is the walls are not load bearing when you use pole construction methods. The poles support the building. As the walls do not bear any load, they reduce the total cost of construction.

Energy efficient – Studies show that post frame buildings have fewer thermal breaks as compared to the conventional construction. It is easy to insulate posts on 8 feet or greater centers instead of a stick-frame building with studs 16” or 24” on center.

Structural Stability – A well-designed post frame building can handle rough weather conditions better than the stick-framed constructions.

Thus, you see that the post frame buildings are better than the conventional constructions.

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Haden Armstrong