A Fresh Driveway: When to Replace Yours

Your driveway is one area of your landscaping that stands out to everyone who passes by. Even with the high visibility of this feature, it is often the last thing to be updated on a home. There is no hiding the driveway when it becomes unpleasant to look at. Repairs and pressure washing are often done to extend the life of a driveway. There comes a time, however, when a replacement is necessary. This can greatly increase the safety and value of your home.

Excessive Repairs

Repairs are common over the years of owning a home. The driveway is no exception. Cracks can happen over time. The exposure to the elements and various temperatures can eventually break down the concrete. The colour may also change over time, resulting in a dark and stained slab. This can happen from paint drips, car fluids, and moisture. Repairs cannot hold the integrity of your drive indefinitely, however. Excessive repairs and blotched areas may indicate that it is time to start fresh. Severe foundation issues can also lead to a situation that cannot be repaired properly.

Selling the Home

Many people decide to have a new driveway laid down before they sell their home. This adds value to the home, enabling them to raise the asking price for the property. This is a great time to try something more unique. When people are house shopping, they are often looking for a home with something special. Exposed aggregate driveways in Melbourne add a little something extra to your landscaping design. The surface is washed down at the end to expose the aggregate. The aggregate may be made from a variety of natural elements, such as limestone.


If there are some safety issues, the driveway needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Large cracks and uneven areas of cement can lead to falls. Children, especially, may get hurt while playing outside or running around. Even small cracks can catch the heel of a shoe or tire of a bike. This can also be frightening for elderly residents. If a visitor gets hurt on your property, they can even file an insurance claim. If you feel like you are taking a mountain hike just to get to your car, it may be time to replace the driveway.

There are some great options for paved driveway. Even concrete can have a little style added. Exposed aggregate is popular for adding a subtle and natural décor. When the repairs become overwhelming, there may be little that can be done to properly restore the driveway. A new one can add value and safety to your home environment.

Haden Armstrong